Novogradac 2024 Spring Renewable Energy Tax Credits Conference


Novogradac workshops give you a chance to gain detailed insight and knowledge about affordable housing, community development, historic preservation, opportunity zones or renewable energy fields.

From basics workshops (where you get an explanation of or refresher about the specific industry) to specialized, deep-dive workshops (where you get training and information to help you take the next step), the Novogradac preconference workshops add to your professional toolbox. Attend a workshop before one of our conferences to maximize your time learning about and networking with professionals within your specific industry.

Separate registration is required for workshops.


Please note: Agenda is in the local time zone and is subject to change. 


9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Project Finance Primer (in-person only)- additional fee required

Gain an overview of the primary tax incentives for clean energy, most common ownership structures and the most relevant IRS tax rules. Project finance specialists walk through a sample partnership flip model and inverted lease model and discuss financial reporting issues common to clean energy transactions. Get updated on the state of the renewable energy market, GAAP hot topics, and diverse technologies in the renewable energy tax credits world.
Tyler Maurer photo

Speaker: Tyler Maurer, Manager, Capital Markets, Nexamp

Chris Diaz photo

Speaker: Chris Diaz, Co-CEO, Seminole Financial Services LLC

James Duffy photo

Speaker: James Duffy, Partner, Nixon Peabody

Caleb Stein photo

Speaker: Caleb Stein, Manager, Novogradac

Nat Eng photo

Moderator: Nat Eng, Partner, Novogradac

Tony Grappone photo

Moderator: Tony Grappone, Partner, Novogradac

Josh Morris photo

Moderator: Josh Morris, Partner, Novogradac

Matt Yunker photo

Speaker: Matt Yunker, Manager, Novogradac

Steven Varady photo

Speaker: Steven Varady, Senior Vice President, Energetic Capital

Carmen Awad photo

Speaker: Carmen Awad, Manager, Novogradac

Tong Tran photo

Speaker: Tong Tran, Partner, Novogradac

Forrest Milder photo

Speaker: Forrest Milder, Partner, Nixon Peabody LLP

THURSDAY, MAY 16, 2024

FRIDAY, MAY 17, 2024

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Join professionals from around the country in San Diego for this two-day conference. With built-in networking breaks and an exclusive reception for attendees, this is your chance to connect with leading professionals in the renewable energy world.