Novogradac 24th Annual New Markets Tax Credit Conference


Michael  Novogradac photo

Michael Novogradac

Managing Partner Novogradac

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Nicolo  Pinoli photo

Nicolo Pinoli

Conference Chair & Partner Novogradac

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Karen  Williams photo

Karen Williams


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Nancy  Pindus photo

Nancy Pindus

Senior Fellow Urban Institute

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Kevin  Klingbeil photo

Kevin Klingbeil

Owner & Managing Director Big Water Consulting

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En Jung  Kim photo

En Jung Kim

Executive Director, Community Development Banking - New Markets Tax Credit Group Chase

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James D. Howard photo

James D. Howard

President Dudley Ventures

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Spencer  Gagnet photo

Spencer Gagnet

Managing Director and Manager Tax Credit Finance Dept, Capital One

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Darryl  Jacobs photo

Darryl Jacobs

Partner Ginsberg Jacobs LLC

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Rebecca  Darling photo

Rebecca Darling

Partner Novogradac

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Nicole  Boone photo

Nicole Boone

Vice President of Capital Markets Lendistry

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Dan  Blocher photo

Dan Blocher

Vice President U.S. Bancorp Impact Finance

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Michael   Bland photo

Michael Bland

Director of Community Investments Travois

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Drew  Hammond photo

Drew Hammond

Vice President & Business Development Officer U.S. Bancorp Impact Finance

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Jodie  Fish photo

Jodie Fish

Manager Novogradac

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Jeff  McMillen photo

Jeff McMillen

Partner Akin Gump

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Gregory  Clements photo

Gregory Clements

Partner Novogradac

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Amanda  Read photo

Amanda Read

Partner Novogradac

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Christopher  Allison photo

Christopher Allison

Program Manager for New Markets Tax Credit Program CDFI Fund

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Bob  Rapoza photo

Bob Rapoza

Founder & President Rapoza Associates

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Laura  Vowell photo

Laura Vowell

Managing Director of Community Finance Solutions U.S. Bancorp Impact Finance

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Leah  Rogan photo

Leah Rogan

Managing Director, NMTC Enterprise Community Investment Inc.

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William  Carson photo

William Carson

VP & Senior Business Development Officer (NMTC/HTC) U.S. Bancorp Impact Finance

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Trefor A. Henry photo

Trefor A. Henry

Associate Program Manager CDFI Fund, Office of Compliance Monitoring & Evaluation

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Oscar  Gonzales photo

Oscar Gonzales

Associate Program Manager, Financial Strategies and Research CDFI Fund

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Monica  Blanton photo

Monica Blanton

Director of NMTC Operations River Gorge Capital

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Ashley  Wicks photo

Ashley Wicks

President, Butler Snow Foundation Butler Snow

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Sonia  Nayak photo

Sonia Nayak

Partner Nixon Peabody

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Kermit  Billups photo

Kermit Billups

Executive Vice President Greenline Ventures

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Warren  Sebra photo

Warren Sebra

Partner Novogradac

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Saurabh  Narain photo

Saurabh Narain

President & CEO National Community Investment Fund

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Lee  Winslett photo

Lee Winslett

Vice President Wells Fargo CDC

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Amber  David photo

Amber David

Vice President Fifth Third Bank

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Kathleen  Galvan photo

Kathleen Galvan

Acquisitions Manager NTCIC

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Eric  Johansen photo

Eric Johansen

Vice President Midwest Renewable Capital

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Brynn  Sanders photo

Brynn Sanders

Founder & President Sanders Capital Consulting

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Carrie  Sanders photo

Carrie Sanders

Founder, CEO Hope Community Capital

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Megan  Riess photo

Megan Riess

Member Longwell Riess

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Garth  Bostic photo

Garth Bostic

Counsel Nixon Peabody

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Joseph  Lapilio photo

Joseph Lapilio

President & CEO Waianae Economic Development Council

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Elizabeth  Klueck photo

Elizabeth Klueck

Partner Goldfarb & Lipman LLP

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Matt  Drinen photo

Matt Drinen

Co-Founder & Principal Impact Marketplace

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Mary  Miner photo

Mary Miner

Vice President, Community Development Alaska Growth Capital

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Bob  Crothers photo

Bob Crothers

Chief Lending Officer and Chief Operating Officer Citizen Potawatomi Community Development Corporation

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Naomi  Baruch photo

Naomi Baruch

Vice President, New Markets Tax Credit Impact Investment Officer Empowerment Reinvestment Fund

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Angie  Nizio photo

Angie Nizio

Partner Ginsberg Jacobs

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Attending a new markets tax credit (NMTC) conference is one of the best ways to stay up to date with the latest trends in community development. Network with hundreds of community development professionals while learning from experienced NMTC accountants, allocatees, investors, developers and more. Explore emerging legislation and tax credit equity pricing while learning how to best prepare for future NMTC allocation rounds.