Novogradac 2023 Fall New Markets Tax Credit Conference


Michael  Novogradac photo

Michael Novogradac

Managing Partner Novogradac

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Brad  Elphick photo

Brad Elphick

Conference Chair & Partner Novogradac

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James D. Howard photo

James D. Howard

President Dudley Ventures

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Drew  Hammond photo

Drew Hammond

Vice President & Business Development Officer U.S. Bancorp Impact Finance

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Melissa  McCormack photo

Melissa McCormack

Senior Vice President Bank of America

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Judd  Larson photo

Judd Larson

Partner Kutak Rock

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Shawn  Whitney photo

Shawn Whitney

Shareholder Polsinelli

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Erik  Rickard photo

Erik Rickard

Partner Barnes and Thornburg LLP

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Nicole  Boone photo

Nicole Boone

Vice President of Capital Markets Lendistry

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Megan  Riess photo

Megan Riess

Member Longwell Riess

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Darryl  Jacobs photo

Darryl Jacobs

Partner Ginsberg Jacobs LLC

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En Jung  Kim photo

En Jung Kim

Executive Director, Community Development Banking - New Markets Tax Credit Group Chase

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Rebecca  Darling photo

Rebecca Darling

Partner Novogradac

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Paul  Anderson photo

Paul Anderson

Vice President Rapoza Associates

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Jeff  McMillen photo

Jeff McMillen

Partner Akin Gump

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John  Chamberlain photo

John Chamberlain

Managing Director Capital One

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Kathleen  Galvan photo

Kathleen Galvan

Acquisitions Manager NTCIC

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Don  Sabine photo

Don Sabine

Principal Novogradac

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Aileen  Thomas photo

Aileen Thomas

Partner Jones Walker LLP

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Amanda  Read photo

Amanda Read

Partner Novogradac

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Chris  Perkowski photo

Chris Perkowski

Partner Stinson

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Laurel  Tinsley photo

Laurel Tinsley

Managing Director Cherry Bekaert Strategic Financing Services

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Ryan  Rieger photo

Ryan Rieger

Principal Novogradac

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Kermit  Billups photo

Kermit Billups

Executive Vice President Greenline Ventures

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Jodie  Smith photo

Jodie Smith

Shareholder Maynard Nexsen

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Aisha  Benson photo

Aisha Benson

President & CEO Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF)

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Erin  Neff photo

Erin Neff

Principal Novogradac

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Nicolo  Pinoli photo

Nicolo Pinoli

Partner Novogradac

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Christopher  Pierce photo

Christopher Pierce

Parter Lathrop GPM

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Chris  Leutzinger photo

Chris Leutzinger

Senior Vice President & NMTC Relationship Manager Truist Community Capital

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William  Carson photo

William Carson

VP & Senior Business Development Officer (NMTC/HTC) U.S. Bancorp Impact Finance

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Leah  Rogan photo

Leah Rogan

Managing Director, NMTC Enterprise Community Investment Inc.

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Bryan  Hung photo

Bryan Hung

Partner Novogradac

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Kyle  Walton photo

Kyle Walton

Founder & President Classic Lake Consulting

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Ashley  Wicks photo

Ashley Wicks

President Butler Snow Foundation

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Claudia  Tenney photo

Claudia Tenney

Keynote Speaker & Congresswoman U.S. Representative, NY - 24th District

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Phil  Glynn photo

Phil Glynn

President Travois

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Donna  Aronoff-Smith photo

Donna Aronoff-Smith

Executive Vice President Smith NMTC Associates LLC

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Donna  Nuccio photo

Donna Nuccio

VP NMTC Investing New Markets Support Company

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Christopher  Calpin photo

Christopher Calpin

Associate Squire Patton Boggs

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Robin  Houston photo

Robin Houston

Assistant Vice President & Senior Asset Manager (NMTC) U.S. Bancorp Impact Finance

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Jonathan  Katz photo

Jonathan Katz

Partner Jones Walker LLP

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Jason  Callaham photo

Jason Callaham

Strategic Financing Consultant Cherry Bekaert Advisory LLC

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Attending a new markets tax credit (NMTC) conference is one of the best ways to stay up to date with the latest trends in community development. Network with hundreds of community development professionals while learning from experienced NMTC accountants, allocatees, investors, developers and more. Explore emerging legislation and tax credit equity pricing while learning how to best prepare for future NMTC allocation rounds.