Novogradac 23rd Annual New Markets Tax Credit Conference


Michael  Novogradac photo

Michael Novogradac

Managing Partner Novogradac

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Rekha  Chiruvolu photo

Rekha Chiruvolu

Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer Nixon Peabody LLP

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Nicolo  Pinoli photo

Nicolo Pinoli

Partner Novogradac

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Blair  Kincer photo

Blair Kincer

Retired Partner Novogradac

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Kermit  Billups photo

Kermit Billups

Executive Vice President Greenline Ventures

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Claire  Schell photo

Claire Schell

AVP, Director of Employee Experience U.S. Bancorp Community Development Corporation

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Jodie  Fish photo

Jodie Fish

Manager Novogradac

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Nick  Epifano photo

Nick Epifano

Manager Novogradac

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Justin  Fitzgerald photo

Justin Fitzgerald

Associate Nixon Peabody LLP

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Monica  Blanton photo

Monica Blanton

Director of NMTC Operations River Gorge Capital

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Stefanie  Singer photo

Stefanie Singer

General Counsel & Chief Risk Officer Novogradac

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Phillip  Sangokoya photo

Phillip Sangokoya

Director of Business Impact Integration U.S. Bancorp Community Development Corporation

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Laura  Vowell photo

Laura Vowell

Director of Business Development U.S. Bancorp Community Development Corporation

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Robert K. Jenkins, Jr. photo

Robert K. Jenkins, Jr.

Senior Managing Director Renaissance Equity Partners

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Amy  Hook photo

Amy Hook

Chief Social Impact Officer Novogradac

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Darryl  Jacobs photo

Darryl Jacobs

Attorney Ginsberg Jacobs LLC

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Elaine  Chang photo

Elaine Chang

Partner Novogradac

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Najah  Adams photo

Najah Adams

Training Program Manager US Bank CDC

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Matt  Meeker photo

Matt Meeker

Partner Novogradac

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Kelly  Clements photo

Kelly Clements

Vice President and New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) Originator PNC Bank

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William  Turner photo

William Turner

Senior VP Wells Fargo

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Kyle A.  Koupal photo

Kyle A. Koupal

Vice President of Investments Dudley Ventures

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Saurabh  Narain photo

Saurabh Narain

President & CEO National Community Investment Fund

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Bob  Ibanez photo

Bob Ibanez

Senior Public Policy Manager Novogradac

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Christopher  Allison photo

Christopher Allison

Program Manager for New Markets Tax Credit Program CDFI Fund

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Trefor A. Henry photo

Trefor A. Henry

Associate Program Manager CDFI Fund, Office of Compliance Monitoring & Evaluation

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Oscar  Gonzales photo

Oscar Gonzales

Associate Program Manager, Financial Strategies and Research CDFI Fund

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Amanda  Read photo

Amanda Read

Partner Novogradac

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Nicole  Boone photo

Nicole Boone

Vice President of Capital Markets Lendistry

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Miao  Xue photo

Miao Xue

Partner Novogradac

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Lee  Winslett photo

Lee Winslett

Vice President Wells Fargo CDC

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Kyle  Walton photo

Kyle Walton

Founder & President Classic Lake Consulting

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Erin  Neff photo

Erin Neff

Principal Novogradac

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Kareem  Thomas photo

Kareem Thomas

Managing Director, Credit & Portfolio Management Reinvestment Fund

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Bob  Rapoza photo

Bob Rapoza

President and Principal Rapoza Associates

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James  Simmons photo

James Simmons

Executive Director, Community Development Tax Credits JPMorgan Chase

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Roz  Billups photo

Roz Billups

Executive Director Open Access

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Bridget  Chisholm photo

Bridget Chisholm

Managing Partner BWC Consulting

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Tracey  Gunn Lowell photo

Tracey Gunn Lowell

Vice President U.S. Bancorp Community Development Corporation

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Elizabeth  Young photo

Elizabeth Young

Partner Nixon Peabody LLP

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Jeff  McMillen photo

Jeff McMillen

Partner Akin Gump

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Aisha  Benson photo

Aisha Benson

President & CEO Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF)

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Sonia  Nayak photo

Sonia Nayak

Partner Nixon Peabody

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Nicholas  Anderson photo

Nicholas Anderson

Partner Spencer Fane LLP

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Katie  Frattaroli photo

Katie Frattaroli

Vice President, Business Development AMCREF

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Peter  Byford photo

Peter Byford

Senior Vice President Advantage Capital

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Monica  Clark Petersen photo

Monica Clark Petersen

Principal & CEO S.B. Clark Companies

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Shelly  Crowder photo

Shelly Crowder

Senior Vice President United Fund Advisors

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Yanderi  Montano photo

Yanderi Montano

Director Monge Capital

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Cody  Rogers photo

Cody Rogers

Partner Stinson LLP

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Emily  Rose photo

Emily Rose

Senior Vice President | Director; NM/HTC Tax Equity U.S. Bancorp Community Development Corporation

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