Novogradac 2022 Historic Tax Credit Conference


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From basics workshops (where you get an explanation of or refresher about the specific industry) to specialized, deep-dive workshops (where you get training and information to help you take the next step), the Novogradac preconference workshops add to your professional toolbox. Attend a workshop before one of our conferences to maximize your time learning about and networking with professionals within your specific industry.

Separate registration is required for workshops.  

Please note: Agenda is set for Central Time



10:00 am - 5:00 pm

The Basics of Historic Tax Credits Workshop (in-person only) - additional fee required

Learn the fundamentals of the historic tax credit, including definitions of key terms, how the National Park Service application process works and more. Discuss concepts such as qualified rehabilitation expenditures and buildings, credit recapture, minimum expenditures test, Internal Revenue Code Section 50(d) income, deal structuring and how tax reform, the pandemic and recent regulations affected the HTC.
Marcos Velazquez photo

Speaker: Marcos Velazquez, Manager, Novogradac

Brian Weaver photo

Speaker: Brian Weaver, Attorney, Stinson

Nick Kraus photo

Speaker: Nick Kraus, Vice President, Heritage Consulting Group

Roy Chou photo

Moderator: Roy Chou, Partner, Novogradac

Nick Gettings photo

Speaker: Nick Gettings, Manager, Novogradac

1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Planning, Modeling, and Financial Engineering an HTC Project (in-person only) - additional fee required

The financial model or projections are the financial blueprint for a historic tax credit transaction but can often be overwhelming to developers and investor/syndicator project managers alike.  This workshop will walk through and demystify an HTC project financial model and guide participants through the elements most important to the parties involved.  Led by a team of experienced HTC practitioners, the workshop will discuss matters of interest to developers and investors alike.  The session will conclude with a discussion of investor term sheets and the potential ramifications of terms beyond credit price.  

Elizabeth Feldmeir photo

Speaker: Elizabeth Feldmeir, Partner, Thompson Coburn LLC

Alex Aydin photo

Speaker: Alex Aydin, Senior Manager, Novogradac

Matt Yunker photo

Speaker: Matt Yunker, Manager, Novogradac

David Graff photo

Moderator: David Graff, Principal, Novogradac