Novogradac 2022 Spring Opportunity Zones Conference


Michael  Novogradac photo

Michael Novogradac

Managing Partner Novogradac

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Brent  Parker photo

Brent Parker

Partner Novogradac

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Kevin  Wilson photo

Kevin Wilson

Partner Novogradac

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Miao  Xue photo

Miao Xue

Partner Novogradac

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Michael  Wiener photo

Michael Wiener

Partner Greenberg Glusker LLP

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Greg  Genovese photo

Greg Genovese

CEO USG Realty Capital

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Al  Puchala photo

Al Puchala

CEO Cap Zone Impact Investments

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Reid  Thomas photo

Reid Thomas

Chief Revenue Officer and Managing Director NES Financial | JTC

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Don  Sabine photo

Don Sabine

Principal Novogradac

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Jeremy  Keele photo

Jeremy Keele

Managing Partner & Co-Founder Catalyst Opportunity Funds

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Justin  Chubb Lurya photo

Justin Chubb Lurya

Manager Novogradac

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Chris  Russell photo

Chris Russell

Co-Founder and Managing Director Mercatus Partners

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Ashley  Tison photo

Ashley Tison

Founder & CEO Opportunity Zone Consultants

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Nancy  Gephart photo

Nancy Gephart

Partner, Capital Markets SHIFT

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Praveen  Ayyagari photo

Praveen Ayyagari

Tax Counsel House Ways and Means Committee Select Revenue Measures Subcommittee

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Jill  Homan photo

Jill Homan

President Javelin 19 Investments

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Judd  Larson photo

Judd Larson

Partner Kutak Rock

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Marc  Schultz photo

Marc Schultz

Partner Snell & Wilmer LLP

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Shay  Hawkins photo

Shay Hawkins

Co-Founder and CEO Opportunity Funds Association

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Adam  Farris photo

Adam Farris

Senior Policy Advisor for Tax and Trade Office of Senator Tim Scott

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Karen  Przypyszny photo

Karen Przypyszny

Managing Director National Equity Fund

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Lisa  Zarlenga photo

Lisa Zarlenga

Partner Steptoe & Johnson

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Thomas  Boman photo

Thomas Boman

Partner Novogradac

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Damian  Gancman photo

Damian Gancman

Chief Financial Officer Cityview

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Catherine  Lyons photo

Catherine Lyons

Director of Policy and Coalitions Economic Innovation Group

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Andrew  Gradman photo

Andrew Gradman

Tax Lawyer Law Office of Andrew L. Gradman

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Coni  Rathbone photo

Coni Rathbone

Partner Dunn Carney

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Peter  LaVigne photo

Peter LaVigne

Partner Goodwin Law

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Sean  Raft photo

Sean Raft

Chief Administrative Officer and General Counsel. Urban Catalyst

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Greg  James photo

Greg James

Senior Associate, Acquisitions & Capital Markets StarPoint Properties

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Sandi  Heffernan photo

Sandi Heffernan

Chief Financial Officer Pinnacle Partners

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John  Sciarretti photo

John Sciarretti

Partner Novogradac

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Coleen  Danaher photo

Coleen Danaher

Regional VP of Director of Business Development JTC Americas

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