Novogradac 2020 New Markets Tax Credit Conference Survey

First Page

1. How much has your skill or knowledge of the learning content increased as a result of this conference? *
2. The conference met the stated learning objectives.
3. The program content was relevant to my job responsibilities. *
4. I intend to use the knowledge & skills learned at this conference on my job. *
5. I would recommend this conference to my colleagues. *
6. The program materials (including job aids, templates, glossaries, handouts, media, etc.) were relevant and contributed to the achievement of the learning objectives. *
7. Where appropriate, participants were encouraged to actively participate in panel discussions. *
8. Overall, the program was effective. *
9. Please provide any comments/feedback you have about the presenters.
10. What recommendations do you have for enhancing this conference and/or what topics should we cover in the future?
11. Any other comments?
12. Sometimes we incorporate survey responses in our marketing materials. Do we have your permission to use your name, company and/or the feedback you've provided in this evaluation?
13. Please provide your name/company here: